Remember that time little Billy got covered head to toe in mud?  Or when Molly got more yoghurt on her dress than in her mouth?

We all have these cherished memories and they are often wrapped up in the clothes our children wear.  Well, now we don’t have to forget them when we store the outgrown baby clothes up in the attic.  Now we can relive our memories again and again.

As our babies grow imagine having all those memories transformed into a beautiful keepsake made from your outgrown baby clothes.  Send the clothes to us and we will make them into something you can keep forever and pass on as a beautiful and original heirloom.  We can transform all those precious clothes into a variety of keepsake items from small scatter cushions and bunting to super king size bed quilted blankets.

Your little one will love hearing the stories attached to each patch.  It’s something they’ll never grow out of asking and you’ll never grow tired of telling.  Take a look at our prices and sizes page to view our full range of baby clothes keepsakes.

Flutterby Memories helps to create these precious memories.  We also provide embroidered clothes, and other items, especially made for your baby.  Choose from one of our fun slogans or personalise one of our many sayings.  Have a look at the products page for our full range.  Don’t forget to check back for seasonal offers or send your email using our ‘contact us’ form to join our mailing list.


There is now a blog you can follow written by our CEO, Layla Murphy-Plant.  The blog details the life and times of a mother, a partner and a self-employed business woman.  Check out

Blogs available include: 

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Don’t let your babies clothes go to waste – send them to us and get something you can treasure forever.