Frequently Asked Questions

How many outfits do I need to send?

This depends on the item you are having made. Please refer to the sizes and prices table.

Can I send more than the recommended number of outfits?

Yes! The listed number is more of a guideline. If you are sending tiny baby clothes it is best to send a few extra just in case.

How do I pay?

Unlike the embroidery items which can be bought using the website cart, the patchwork keepsakes must be paid for by bank transfer or by enclosing a cheque with your order form.  The easiest payment method is to just do a bank transfer of funds from your account into ours. Please indicate this is how you want to pay on the order form and we will email you the sort code and account number. Personal cheque, bankers draft or postal order is also acceptable and should be sent with your order form. Please make cheques payable to ‘Flutterby Memories Limited’. Full payment must be received before work can start.

Can I include photographs?

Yes! You may email digital copies or add hardcopies with your order. They will be put onto fabric and sewn into your keepsake. Photographs are a perfect way to add that extra special personal touch. Please include your name and telephone number in the email with digital photographs or write these details on the rear of any hard copies. Hard copies will be returned with your final order.

If you are gifting the keepsake to someone else, you must have permission to use images of their child.  Please include this permission in your email or with your form along with their email address for conformation.

How do I wash my keepsake?

The nature of how the clothes react to being washed does not change after being with us - if your red tee-shirt ran in the wash before, it still will now. Therefore, we recommend you wash your keepsake on a cool wash and air dry it.

Are there any fabrics you cannot use?

So far we have never had the problem of not being able to use a fabric. Rest assured though, if you send something we cannot use it will be returned to you uncut.

Can you make items not shown on your website?

We love making different items. If you would like a listed item but an unlisted size, just contact us for the price. If you would like an unlisted item made – again, just contact us and we’ll discuss your requirements with you.

I cannot download the order form, how can I get one?

We need a paper copy of the form to be sent with your clothes. You can contact us by telephone or email and we will pop a form in the post to you, or cut and paste one into the body of an email (not as an attachment) for you to print off.

Where should I post my baby clothes?

Bundle them up and post them to: 14 Anson Avenue, Upavon, Pewsey, SN9 6BW. Don't forget to include your order form and payment (if not paying by bank transfer). Also, don't forget to separate the clothes into 'must use', 'second best' and 'extras' if needed.